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The Vita of artist Michael Bäcker

1967 - born in West Berlin (Germany)

grown up in Achim near Bremen (Germany)

Since the 1980ties - self-teaching of art and organ music

1981 - first oil paintings in different styles. Prior to that several drawings in pencil and crayon

1989 - first exhibition in Bremen (Germany). Start of a two-year collaboration with the artist group 'Espilacopa'

1995-2001 - several exhibitions in south-west France (Gascogne)

2005 - change of residence from Bremen to Deggendorf (Germany). Large comission for the Klostercafe, a café in Metten (Lower Bavaria)

2006 - opening of a permanent studio in Mietraching (part of Deggendorf, Germany) as freelance artist and painter

2010 - exhibition in the county hospital in Viechtach (Germany) lasting several months - ongoing

playing organ in the local church in Mietraching during service as a part-time job

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